Why You Need to get a Good Mattress ASAP

Mattresses are an often overlooked accessory with many people giving very little thought to get the perfect fit. If you are among that number of people, then you might have to reconsider your choice of sleep regalia given that many aspects of human health hinge crucially on the canvas upon which you lay your head every night. So what does a good mattress bring to our lives? Let’s find out:

1)  It makes you age flawlessly The key to aging gracefully doesn’t only depend on your diet or the amount of exercise you take in each day but also on the quality of sleep you get each night. Sleep quality is directly intertwined with mattress quality; a good mattress paves the way for an excellent night’s rest which in turn triggers the increased production of the hormone telomerase. This hormone preserves the structure of genetic cells which thereby makes you feel and look younger.

2)  It is the key to a happier life If you wake up most mornings feeling grumpy and under the weather, it’s probably because you’ve got a bad mattress that isn’t getting you that quality of sleep you need. Conversely, a good mattress ensures you’re well rested hence relaxed and stress-free when you wake up. It’ll make you feel optimistic and upbeat and you’ll be a joy to be around.

3)  A good mattress makes you attractive According to reports in a British medical journal, the right mattress will also make you appealing. The study which was carried out to establish the effects of bad sleep from a poor mattress choice and the benefits of the opposition showed that those who slept well on a good mattress came off looking fresher and more endearing from a facial point of view than the opposite group.

4)  It helps you keep your weight in check Before you quickly turn to the gym the next time you gain that unwanted pound, you should consider checking if you have a good mattress to begin with. With a good sleep accessory and some excellent shut-eye, your body will regulate the metabolism of sugar and insulin levels such that it curtails weight gain. Furthermore, good sleep also suppresses the hormone ghrelin- normally produced when one is deprived of sleep- which heights appetite and cravings for the not-so-healthy kind of foods.

5)  Cognitive ability is also bettered with a good mattress A Full night’s sleep- which is guaranteed by a quality mattress- is good for improving memory sharpness and many other aspects of your cognitive functioning. Your intellectual performance will be greatly heightened as your brain is able to perform at its peak rate. With a bad mattress though, you’re ability to solve complex tasks is reduced and you are bound to forget important things from time to time give that your brain activity is limited.

6)  You’ll be able to attain your goals A good mattress ensures complete revitalization of the body so that you wake up feeling energized and raring to go. You are therefore likely to achieve your targets for the day or complete any other task you’ve been putting off for far too long.

What does a good mattress bring to our lives? Well, now you have the answers. Remember, the average person spends a third of his/her lifetime asleep which means you spend about a third of your life on your mattress (even more if you are a couch potato). Just think about that the next time you go out shopping for a mattress and you’ll know that getting a good one is of the essence.

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