What Is Memory Foam Mattress And How Is It Different From Other Mattresses?

After the hectic day at work, taking rest and sleeping on a comfortable and cozy bed is the best thing. Getting proper sleep is very much essential to ensure that your body is performing in the right way. For getting a proper sleep at night, it is important to have a comfortable bed. The quality of the mattress determines how comfortable and cozy your bed can be. The best quality mattress that you can buy to make your bed super-comfortable and relaxing is the memory foam mattress. It is a very unique kind of mattress which is built with the versatile memory foam.

What Is Memory Foam Mattress?

In the last few years, this mattress made up of memory foam is getting more and more popular. But what is memory foam? The memory foam is a type of foam which is mainly consisted of polyurethane along with some chemicals which increases the density and viscosity of the foam. This foam can soften reacting to your body heat. Thus, it allows the foam to mold along with your warm body. When you leave the bed, it will recover back to its original shape again. The mattresses made out of this memory foam are generally denser than the other foam mattresses. Thus, they are heavier and more supportive.

History Of Memory Foam Mattress

Though lately memory foam is getting a lot of popularity, but its usage can be dated several years back. This foam was first developed in 1966 due to a contract with NASA. In order to improve the safety of cushions on aircrafts, these memory foams were developed. These foams are made to temperature sensitive in nature. Initially, it was referred to as low spring back foam’. It was created by injecting polymer matrix with some gas. Before NASA could land on the moon, they wanted to solve many issues related to their spaceship. One of the most important aspects of which was the comfort level of astronauts. As a result, until the 1980s, this memory foam remained the property of NASA. Later on, this was primarily used in athletic equipment and hospital equipment. In 1991, for the first time, the memory foams are used in the mattresses. But very recently, memory foam mattress has gained a lot of popularity.

Kinds Of Mattresses Available

There are many types of mattresses available in the market. Traditionally, the mattresses are either made up of either foam or innerspring (coil) and sometimes are made by using both. But there are many more other options available. Some of the popular kinds of mattresses are:

Gel Mattresses: The gel mattresses have a layer of gel added over the foam. This is done to provide support but it may feel slightly different than that of the regular foam.

Innerspring/Coil Mattresses: The Coil mattresses have innersprings that are added for internal support. These metal springs provide support to your body while you are asleep.

Waterbed Mattress: This is another type of mattress where water is used as a primary support system. The waterbed remains padded with foams or fibers providing the comfort and support to the sleepers. Airbed Mattress: It is somewhat same as that of the waterbed mattress. But here, air is the primary component of the mattress.

Latex Mattresses: Latex mattresses are made up of latex foam and it offers different levels of firmness and comfort. It is not much dense in nature and hence heating amount is also less.

Why Is Memory Foam Different?

From above all the mattresses mentioned, memory foam mattress is quite different. Unlike other types of mattresses, it is much denser in nature. Thus, it provides great support along with extreme comfort to the sleepers. Also, it comes with pressure-relieving feature with the help of which you can sleep peacefully. It will prevent any pressure sores and will also minimize the pain from any sensitive areas. You will find that each type of mattresses available in the market supports a particular sleeping position. But the mattresses with memory foam can accommodate different positions. Whether you sleep on your stomach, side or back, this mattress can be accommodate all the positions. It is designed in such a way that it can support your body from every angle.

Why Choose Memory Foam Mattress?

If you are thinking why you must buy a memory foam mattress, then here are some of its advantages that you can enjoy:

Conforms To Your Body: Memory foam can remarkably adjust itself based on your body pressure. Thus, it helps a lot to relieve the muscle pain, aches or body stress. If you experience muscle pain or back pain, then using these mattresses can help you a lot. It contours along with your body curves by supporting the spine and lower back to stay in the neutral position.

Beneficial For People With Allergies: This mattress is highly beneficial for the people with allergies because it is made up of polyurethane foam. The polyurethane foam is made from inorganic fibers which safeguard the memory foam from debris, particles and dust.

Very Low Maintenance: The memory foam mattresses do not require high maintenance to keep them perfect and upkeep. Just rotating the mattresses few times in a year along with vacuuming it occasionally will do. You do not have to worry about the springs (coils) or electronic parts in this mattress.


Besides all these the best memory foam mattress will also provide great durability. So, it will last for a longer period of time than any other types of mattresses available in the market. If you are making a decision to buy a mattress, then make sure to buy the mattress with the memory foam. Not only it will provide great comfort and support to your body, it will also help to relieve you from pains. These mattresses can stay sturdy and perfect for several years. It can adjust itself with different sleeping positions and provide great support to your body, regardless of any position. Hence, to improve your quality of sleep at night and find better comfort while sleeping, you must buy a memory foam mattress.