Memory Foam Mattress vs Spring Mattress

If you are considering buying a new mattress you will have a number of choices laid out before you. The main factors that will determine what you get will be the kind of mattress that you decide on and your budget. The higher your budget, the higher your overall choice and that may extend to well being and orthopedic mattress products.This leads to the best of your choice between memory foam mattress and spring mattress and as broadly discussed below.

memory foamĀ mattress vs spring mattress

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam comes in different densities where the higher the density the better the material. The foam will have a low density foam that will not perform well, or for a long time, such as high-density foam. The high density foam mattress is found in the family or orthopedic group.

Getting a bad night’s sleep is nearly as bad as getting no sleep at all – in fact, it might be worse. When we get up in the morning having tossed and turned, we often struggle to pay attention to the things that come our way during the day. Too many days in a row like this, and you become irritable – not to mention, stressed and more tired as each day goes by.

Benefits derived from using memory foam:

It has contour and mold to prevent gaps underneath your back, neck, and spine. This provides support and all of these critical areas, which ultimately leads to a better night sleep.

Risk of their discomfort is greatly minimized due to increased support. This is not the case with the average spring mattress since springs are much less evenly distributed throughout the surface area of the mattress

Foam mattress has reduced headaches for those that frequently suffer from them as a result of neck discomfort.

Improved blood circulation is another benefit, which allows for increased oxygen to various body parts.

If you have yet to discover the benefits of a foam mattress for yourself and are having a difficult time sleeping at night due to your worn-out mattress, be sure to do so soon as possible, you won’t regret it.

Spring mattress

The same is true for springs or a spring bed. The cheap beds have low spring poles, while the more expensive mattresses have more springs and better springs such as the Spring Jeep design. A cheap bed may contain less than 400 springs, while top quality products will have anything from 1,200 to several thousand springs.

All things are equal, assuming that you can withstand flexible memory foam mattress of reasonable quality, or from one to spring height to one, you need to be aware of the different characteristics of these products. Springs in spring form operate independently of each other and interact when any weight is applied to them. Their natural behavior is to resist pressure on them and to return again once they have been removed. This is why these family descriptions are as attentive. They have a distinctive and traditional feeling.

Benefits of spring mattress

Optimal selection of tensions- You can choose the mattress while keeping the springs stress in mind. There are many types of stress available from soft to medium and steady. Spring fabric pocket will absorb your body weight. It gives support to all the necessary parts of the body and that is why it is considered an ideal option for treating and protecting back muscles. Your back will be supported and maintained with the right degree and firmness.

Durable and affordable- Besides the above points, pocket spring mattress is also very durable, long-lasting, affordable to buy. Not only that, you can save more with the help of a well-known comparison shopping tool or tool to find prices. Due to its long-term ability, it does not become very old easily and you can use it for many years without changing it. In short, these types of bedding give excellent value to your money.

Luxurious look and feeling-The Spring Pocket mattress offers a luxurious look and feel, due to its smooth and soft materials. The springs are hidden in layers of plush filling and kept in separate pockets soft and silk fabric. This type of mattress provides a deep impact for comfort and gives absolute comfort and luxury every morning.

Reasons why the memory foam better than spring mattress for us

Less Movement

With memory foam, many couples report sleeping through the night without being awakened by their partner’s movement. Back Issues – For people who suffer from back pain, the memory foam mattress has shown to be ideal for distributing even support for the body. This allows the stress and tension to relax as you sleep. One of the best parts is that the foam allows your body to keep your spine in proper alignment while you sleep.


A good foam mattress can last as many as 15 years, while a traditional spring mattress has a lifespan of 6- 8 years. Even the lesser quality memory foam options have a lifespan of a minimum of 10 years. Multi-positions – No matter whether you are a back sleeper, a side sleeper or a tummy sleeper, the memory foam is designed to accommodate any position with ease and full support.


The foam is denser than innerspring mattresses, which mean that problems such as dust mites, allergens such as mold or pet dander do not easily enter the foam.


Memory foam is a perfect fit for adjustable beds, as there are no innersprings to make angles difficult.

Easy Care

A foam mattress is simple to care for. While you don’t have to do anything to keep it in good conditioning, taking time to rotate it a few times a year and run a vacuum over it periodically, will extend the life of the mattress.

Therefore, when you visit a mattress store, be certain to check out the memory foam options. You just might be surprised at how comfortable these mattresses.

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