Memory Foam Mattress Good For Your Back

Memory foam mattress good for your back

Chronic back pain is an issue that has become more and more common around the world. There are multiple factors that contribute to back pain such as stress, lack of exercise and posture. However, one often overlooked factor is your sleeping position and choice of mattress. We spend around 1/3 of our lives sleeping so investing in a proper memory foam mattress will pay dividends for you back.

Back Support

One feature of memory foam mattresses is that they provide proper back support. The main reasons for this is that memory foam mattresses adjust to your body. On a hard mattress, the lower part of your spine will cause the upper part to rise up. On a soft mattress, your entire spine is curved. However, on a memory foam mattress, the lower part of your spine “sinks” into the mattress whereas the upper part stays on top of the mattress. This ensures that your spine is straight.

Pressure Points

Similarly, memory foam mattresses support other pressure points throughout your body. This might not seem relevant for back pain, but if your hips or elbows are sticking and are not supported properly, this could greatly alter your sleeping position while asleep. If your elbows or hips are sticking out, it could cause the body to compensate by altering with your back or spine, similarly to how bad posture causes your body to adjust with the back.


Another key feature is that memory foam is adaptable. If you change the position in which you’re lying, the foam will change as well in order to support you properly. This is useful for people who tend to move around a lot in their sleep. Just because you go asleep on your back does not mean that you will sleep the entire night on your back. Although memory foam mattresses will not be able to stop you from moving entirely, they help a great deal by adjusting themselves to best suit your unintentional sleeping position.


An often overlooked aspect in alleviating back pain is the comfort of a mattress. Pain heals most quickly when the body can get a full night’s rest and uncomfortable mattresses are one of the leading causes to restless nights. Memory foam mattresses ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed, that you’re lying in a comfortable position and also help with absorbing heat. This means that your rest is less likely to be interrupted which will lead to a noticeably faster healing process.

Why it works

Essentially, the reason why a memory foam mattress is good for you back is because they adapt to your body’s weight and temperature. This means that your body will be resting in a natural position in which your spine will be straightened. Having a straightened spine is not only important for healing back pain also helps with prevention. The full-body contour also has an impact on the muscles in your back. Since the mattresses adjust to your body, your muscles do not have to compensate for a bad posture anymore, which gives them a chance to rest and release tension.

Memory foam mattresses are an expensive investment to make but should belong in any bedroom. As already mentioned, we spend 1/3 of everyday sleeping and investing in a good mattress will not just have a positive impact on your back, but on your entire life.

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